Stay at Home Solutions Nursing Home Consulting.

Stay At Home Solutions, Inc. can assist nursing homes in a number of ways:


Often nursing homes have cases that have been submitted to Medicaid and remain unprocessed for various reasons. Stay At Home Solutions will take those cases on a contingency basis and work behind the scenes to obtain the answers to Medicaid's questions and obtain the necessary documentation. The nursing home pays Stay At Home Solutions only when a CIN (Medicaid Client Identification Number) is issued.

Community Medicaid:

For nursing homes with short-term rehabs, Stay At Home Solutions will work with those patients being readied for discharge to assist them with obtaining Community Medicaid, thus ensuring that the patients will be eligible for home care on a Medicaid pending basis and have a safe discharge home.

Nursing Home Medicaid:

Stay At Home Solutions will be happy to assist patients with complex financial situations to apply for Nursing Home Medicaid at the most affordable rates in the Medicaid planning industry today.